UPS Hire

Our experienced team is always ready to provide the equipments and power solutions that are easily accessible and affordable to everyone.

We offer full turnkey solution for your UPS power installation. If you are in need of emergency power or need to accomplish a serious project we are able to provide you reliable UPS hire services.

Our services run for short, medium and long term rental periods as per your requirements.

Power Backup Services (PBS) offers a complete UPS hire package including the delivery, installation, commissioning & battery build if required, all the way through to the de-commissioning and the removal from a site at the end of the UPS rental period.

Don’t know what size UPS you need? Contact us and your inquiry will be answered by our specialist hire team who will listen to your requirements and then advise you on the best, most effective UPS package to meet your power needs.
Don’t know what other equipment you need? Our hire team will be able to provide advice on cabling, distribution and any other options you will need based on your requirements.
Don’t know how to get it to your site? We will deliver the UPS to your site in advance of your event and collect it once it has ended.
Don’t know how to connect it and use it? Our engineers will be able to make all the connections that you need before leaving you with clear guidelines on how to use the UPS..

If your UPS is not listed, we can still protect it, please contact us to find out more.

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