Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is the provision and connection of an electrical load to a power supply, often a UPS, in order to simulate the client’s load and prove the integrity of the overall system.
Load bank testing ascertains the performance of the UPS, and of the entire electrical supply infrastructure including cabling, switchgear, generator and fuses.
A load bank can also be used to discharge batteries as an effective, accurately and relatively low cost method of determining battery autonomy.

Load Bank Test Benefits:

  • Power Backup Services`s planned Load Bank testing is by far the safest way to identify any potential points of failure and ensure that your UPS is fit for purpose
  • Testing can be arranged outside of normal business operating times to minimize disruption
  • Our Load Bank tests are fully documented and certificated to provide you with the evidence needed to prove that your equipment is fit for purpose
  • Our Engineer will test your entire system providing you with total confidence in your UPS power supply integrity.

If your UPS is not listed, we can still protect it, please contact us to find out more.

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