Secure power availability is an essential requirement within Hospital and other Healthcare operations:
- Life saving critical care equipment such as incubators, kidney dialysis, respiratory and operating theater equipment need to be functioning 24/ 7.
- Patient records need to be accessed and administered.
- Appointments need to be setup.
- Security, lighting and information systems need to be maintained.

Protecting the integrity of PC’s, IT networks, server rooms, communication rooms, call & control centers and data centers that are used to facilitate these services is therefore essential.
Our range of UPS, Generators & Emergency Lighting products are ideally suited to healthcare applications and we deliver to and offer support to many of the largest Hospitals in Romania.

Bagdasar Arseni Hospital, Polisano Hospital, Gral Hospital, Sf. Gheorghe Hospital, Bucharest University Hospital, Cardiolife in Craiova.

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