Energbat 3G Wireless Battery Monitoring

Using Energbat 3G Wireless you can check the internal resistance, temperature and voltage of every single battery sequentially. Through the Equalisation process, the system corrects the charging voltage operating range. This prevents gassing, dry-out and thermal runaway. The constant monitoring and controlling of the individual charging voltages for each battery guarantees the availability of the battery at all times.

- Wireless Communication
- Easy Installation & Save Cost
- Graphic LCD Touch Screen
- Real Time Monitoring: Block Voltage, Block Impedance, Temperature, String Voltage & Current
- Equalize and Balance Block Voltage
- Extend Battery Life Time
- Alarm via Email & Dry Contact
- Build in Storage Memory for Battery History Database
- Colorful Bar/ Curve Diagrams
- User-default Configurations & Deviation Levels
- Provides Ethernet / RS-485 for Remote Monitoring

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