Digital Voltage Stabilisers

In today’s modern digital age, the demand for power is frequently outstripping supply, giving rise to large voltage swings, surges and brown-outs. Failure to address these power irregularities can cause mains powered equipment to behave erratically and malfunction. With a Digital Voltage Stabiliser you will have a continuously monitoring of the incoming mains supply and if the voltage rise or drop the Digital Voltage Stabilisers will automatically control the output voltage to ensure the voltage reaching the load equipment always remains constant at the required requisite voltage.

Inbuilt protection also ensures that the load is continuously protected against harmful mains born high energy surges, spikes and transients.

Power Backup Services (PBS) is representing in Romania ORTEA SpA, a leading company in manufacturing and engineering voltage stabilisers, with over forty years in the business and ongoing technical research.

Our personnel is trained in Ortea’s facilities for Maintenance and Repairing of Digital Voltage Stabilisers and Power Factor Correction systems.

Find out more about the Digital Voltage Stabiliser from Ortea here.

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